Main Course - 1 Year

Structure - We take a cohort of 32 young actors every year who will be divided into 2 classes taking places on Monday's and Tuesday's from 5-9:30pm.

Content - The teaching will consist of acting technique, audition technique and preparation tied in with how a young budding actor navigates through the modern acting industry. There will also be workshops and mock auditions from external panels of theatre companies and industry professionals throughout the year to keep up with students' progress in not only acting practice but professional practice, too. Our wellbeing lead will deliver monthly workshops to ensure the mental welfare and personal development of our students.

There will be no formal assessments – Students will always be being watchfully observed and fed back to throughout their time at the centre.

Price - This course comes at no cost. It is aimed at young people 16-30 who don't have the financial provisions to undertake alternative paid classes.

2021 dates
- We run in accordance with the academic year and will run from October 2021 to July 2022.

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Audition Information

At Vision, students will be required to audition for a space on the course and accepted to study on the condition that they are successful in audition.

Auditions for Vision consist of working with other auditionees in a workshop setting, performing a sight reading of a text which will be sent out shortly before audition day and an informal interview. All auditionees will get individual feedback, regardless of outcome.

The audition will be structured as follows:

  1. A sight reading of a text which will be sent out shortly before audition day
  2. A workshop with other auditionees
  3. An Interview
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next audition date: October 2ND, 3RD AND 5TH 2021