The idea -
"Quality preparation" - that has been the initial idea.

In 2019, having identified the gap for affordable and worthwhile training solely focussed on pre-drama school preparation, I began putting in the ground work to make my Vision become a reality.

I tirelessly searched for spaces to accommodate my classes, finding nothing and really thought I had exhausted all options.

But then I met with James Williams, who runs the Blue Orange Theatre. We discussed ideas, bounced off one another and found common ground in our passion.

We realised having the Blue Orange as a home for the Vision Centre for Actors was going to be mutually beneficial for us both. Blue Orange & Vision are both up and coming, fresh, and dedicated to intriguing and thought provoking artistry. With dates set and hands shaken, we were ready to get to work!

So now we had to think of a structure:

I started to draw from my own experiences

After that, we experimented a lot with different course structures and class sizes and ended up with a solid formula in our hands. Small, tailored and effective.
Corey Weekes
The founder -

I am Corey Weekes, the principal of the Vision Centre for Actors. I am a young actor, based in Birmingham. Graduating from the prestigious Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, I embarked upon the start of my professional journey last year, leaving drama school with a degree in professional acting.

In the year I have been acting professionally, I have worked in theatre's such as Doncaster Cast and The Criterion and have picked up multiple TV credits for BBC and ITV – most recently and notably as Morgan Middleton in Coronation Street.

I am passionate about acting, the arts and young people and am driven to share my knowledge with young, budding aspiring actors of which I was one of not so long ago. I have taught for Aston Performing Arts Academy, PQA and Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre as well as being a freelancer.

I believe now is the perfect time for me to take the reigns fully and open my own school of acting wherein I can be in full control of the practise I'm teaching.